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  1. 27 July 2021

    15 Items You Need In Your Road Trip - Essentials Packing List

    Whether you’re going on the camping holiday of a lifetime or exploring a few hours down the road, road trip packing is vital to the success of your trip. With so much to consider, it’s easy to overlook something important until you’re already on the highway. We’ve compiled our essentials list for road trips to help you pack with confidence and make sure you’re ready for the ride ahead.

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  2. 27 July 2021

    How to Keep your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

    If you’ve been on a road trip with kids, you’ll know that most of the time you’re barely out of the driveway before they’re looking for something to do. Here are our top tips for entertaining children on a road trip so you can focus on enjoying the road.

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  3. 27 July 2021

    Preparing your vehicle for the ultimate road trip

    Australians love outdoor adventures. It is no wonder that a lot of Australian families love to embark on epic road trips on weekends or during the holidays. Preparing for a road trip is the key to having a safe and enjoyable time away. Read our guide and find out how to prepare your vehicle for the ultimate holiday.

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  4. 27 July 2021

    Top 5 Tips for a Great Camping Adventure

    There’s nothing like camping to take a break from our busy lives and enjoy some quality time in the great outdoors. Camping trips provide the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, as well as explore the beauty of nature. To get the most out of your camping trips, you’ll need to plan ahead. In this guide to camping, we’ve picked five top tips to help make the most of your next great camping adventure.

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  5. 27 July 2021

    Top 5 Tips for Planning a Road Trip

    A road trip is a fun and exciting way to get out of the city and enjoy the best the bush and the ocean have to offer. We know you can’t wait to be on the open highway, but it’s important not to rush your road trip planning. With a bit of preparation, your trip will be safer, smoother, and a lot more comfortable. Here are our top tips for planning a road trip, so you can make the most of the experience.

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  6. 11 May 2021

    Q&A with Mitsubishi Master Technician

    Every day millions of Australian drivers rely on the skills and expertise of auto technicians to keep their vehicles safe and reliable on the road. Dylan is Service Manager and Master Mitsubishi Technician at Portside Mitsubishi. We get under the hoist with him and discover a lot goes into looking after your ride.

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  7. 18 January 2021

    Life's Little Luxuries Have Come a Long Way

    Ever since its invention, manufacturers have continued to innovate with the latest technology and creature comforts that make your journey more an experience than a chore.

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  8. 16 December 2020

    Features for effortless living in one of the best family SUVs

    Life is busy and Australians are busier than ever. That’s why it’s vital that you invest in the best family SUV that takes care of you and makes your life much easier. Mitsubishi Outlander has a multitude of features that add to your lifestyle in numerous ways and make it one of Australia’s best SUV for young families.

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  9. 16 December 2020

    Celebrating Four Decades with a Decade of Confidence

    Now celebrating its 40th year in Australia, Mitsubishi Motors is leading the way with another industry first, an all-encompassing Diamond Advantage program that absolutely puts owners first.

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  10. 12 November 2020

    40 Years in Australia

    Mitsubishi Motors Australia celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020 as a strong and vital presence in the automotive sector. On October 1, 1980, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation entered into a joint partnership to purchase the Tonsley Park production site in South Australia.

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